A Toastmaster's Tales

Geoff Harris

Class In A Coat
East Midlands
Notice Period:
Emergency (maybe less than one week's notice)
Paid: From £80 plus expenses
20th November 2017
Leicestershire | Public Speaking | Weddings | Rutland

A fun look at Geoff's life as a Toastmaster working at some of the most prestigious venues up and down the UK.

Just what is the etiquette needed to introduce a knight of the realm? What do you do when you are left with a drunken guest at the end of the evening?

Find the answer to these vital questions and so much more in "A Toastmaster's Tales". Humorous and informative, it is guaranteed to raise a smile.

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About Geoff Harris

Over thirty years spent in the entertainment and heritage industry has furnished Geoff Harris with a wealth of tales that amuse and amaze.

Whether they are stories taken from his life and experiences as a Toastmaster up and down the land, or from his own particular interests in the quirkiness of our country's history and folklore, they all entertain and inform.

A talented and humorous speaker, Geoff currently offers "A Toastmaster's Tales", "Folklore, Folk Tales and Funny Folk", and "The London No-one Tells You About". Each of the talks last anything up to fifty minutes and Geoff is always happy to take questions.

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