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Dr Frances Hurd is an independent historian and genealogical researcher living in Chichester. She has worked in publishing, academia and the heritage sector, as well as inspecting schools both in the UK and Abu Dhabi over many years.

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Listed talks

History Penguins in the Desert: behind the scenes in Abu Dhabi
Frances Hurd Tagged: History | International
South East
History Lives, Interrupted: ten young officers in the Great War
Frances Hurd Tagged: Family History | History | Military | Men
South East
History The Birth of the English Parish Church: from Romans to Normans
Frances Hurd Tagged: History | Local
South East
Uncategorised Nineteen Years at the Chalkface: the secret life of an Ofsted inspector
Frances Hurd Tagged: Education | Teaching
South East
History Quakers at War: what do they do and why do they do it?
Frances Hurd Tagged: War | Humanitarian Aid | History
South East
History Secrets and Lies: adventures in family history
Frances Hurd Tagged: Genealogy | General And Local History
South East
History An Unwilling Puritan Martyr: the life of Dr John Bastwick
Frances Hurd Tagged:
South East
History Sex, Violence and Alcohol: some hidden after-effects of the Great War
Frances Hurd Tagged: 1920S | War
South East