Mocha, Latte & the Wine of Araby - A History of Coffee

Sandy Leong

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14th October 2020
Coffee | History | Drinks

In the 17th century it was believed that coffee had medicinal properties; Pope Clement in 1600 gave his permission for Catholics to drink it; the first Coffee House opened in England in the mid 1600’s and were the places where insurance companies and financial institutions started; in 1674 there was a Women’s Petition against coffee because women thought it made men impotent. Our love affair with the coffee bean goes back several centuries and is linked with the slave trade, before becoming a popular drink on the high street.

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About Sandy Leong

Sandy Leong is an historian, passionate about bringing history to life and is a lively and entertaining speaker. She specialises in the Tudors, an exciting time in the country as it was changing fast; and in the Viking period, who are much more than the stereotype of raiders in horned helmets. . She also loves to bring to life the sort of history that doesn’t get into the mainstream history books in a light hearted way

She is a professional speaker, and published author, married to a Malaysian, spending time living and working in the UK & Malaysia. She has had a lifelong career as an educator and developer of people; she is a qualified teacher, past CEO of a Racial Equality Council; Guest Lecturer at Universities and Colleges of Further Education; a regular speaker at conferences; guest speaker with P & O, Fred Olsen, Saga cruise ships and other lines; and sought after speaker for U3A’s, WI’s, Historical Societies and other groups.

Other interests include, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees for a large Charity and a Past President of Loughborough Speakers Club, holding the Advanced Speaker Award.

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