Vallhalla - The Ultimate Destination

Sandy Leong

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24th January 2017
Vikings | History

Viking Mythology gives us an insight into what the pagan Vikings believed. They are supremely beautiful and explain in a way that only people living in such a dramatic wilderness of contrasts could conceive of how we came to be. Magic rites and prayers to the god of their choice played an important part in daily life and a desire to enter Valhalla, the hall of the slain. Unlike most religions the Viking gods were subject to Fate represented by the Norns and were doomed to eventual destruction at Ragnorok, the final battle.

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About Sandy Leong

Sandy Leong is married to a Malaysian, spending time living and working in Malaysia. She is a professional speaker, trainer & published author and historian; she has had a lifelong career as an educator & developer of people working in the UK & the Far East; she is a qualified teacher, past CEO of a Racial Equality Council, Guest Lecturer at Universities, and Colleges of Further Education. She is Immediate Past President of a Speakers Club & an active member of the National Association of Speakers Clubs, & Chair of a Board of Trustees of a large Charity. She speaks regularly at Conferences, & to a wide range of groups including, W.I’s, U3A‘s & Historical Societies & as an After Dinner Speaker and is a guest lecturer with P & O, Fred Olsen and Thomson Cruise Lines.
Her specialist areas are the Vikings and the Tudors.

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