Food of the Gods - When Chocolate was worth more than Silver

Sandy Leong

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1st April 2019
Chocolate | History | Food

The Aztecs believed that cocoa seeds were a gift from the god of wisdom. The Spanish took the bean back to Spain in 1528 and kept its’ source a secret; at first it was worth as much as silver; in 1520 chocolate arrived in England and the first Chocolate House opened in 1657; Louis XIIII was so infatuated by chocolate he established a position at Court of The Royal Chocolate Maker to the King. The Quakers were instrumental in making it popular, the Swiss refined it; and now we can’t seem to do without it! The God of wisdom gave us chocolate – I’m not sure if it was a wise move!

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About Sandy Leong

Sandy Leong is a lively and entertaining speaker, married to a Malaysian, spending time living and working in Malaysia. She is a professional speaker, trainer & published author and historian enjoying bringing history to life. She has had a lifelong career as an educator & developer of people working in the UK & the Far East; she is a qualified teacher, past CEO of a Racial Equality Council, Guest Lecturer at Universities, and Colleges of Further Education. She is a Past President of a Speakers Club & an active member of the National Association of Speakers Clubs, & Chair of a Board of Trustees of a large charity. She speaks regularly at Conferences, & to a wide range of groups including, W.I’s, U3A‘s & Historical Societies & as an After Dinner Speaker and is also a guest lecturer with P & O, Fred Olsen, Saga and Thomson Cruise Lines.
Her specialist areas are the Vikings and the Tudors.

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