Japanese Emperors since 1867 and a brief history of modern Japan

Neil Dickinson

East of England
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Expensed: 35p/mile and up to 1 hour from Haverhill, Suffolk
22nd June 2020

In just a few years in the late 19th century, Japan miraculously transformed from a backward, inward looking feudal nation to a world player. This illustrated talk takes a look at why this came about, what role the Emperors of Japan have had in this transformation and how the Imperial family has managed to survive. Length of talk 40 to 50 minutes. Can be adapted by arrangement.

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About Neil Dickinson

My working life has been spent as an industrial chemist and I’ve always been fascinated by the ingenuity and brilliance of humans over history to develop resources and shape them to our own needs, be it for great good or to terrible ends and sometimes for both, as accepted wisdom and circumstances have changed over time. I have delivered several illustrated talks on varied topics with, when appropriate, a degree of humour attached.

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