Licentious Ladies of the 18th and 19th Century

Milly Lawson

East Midlands
Notice Period:
Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
Paid: £80 - £120
19th February 2023

Mildred Freeman, The Lady Historian invites you to join her for a whirlwind tour of harlots, bawds, pimps, bunters, park walkers and ladies of pleasure in 'Licentious Ladies of the 18th and 19th Century.' The world's oldest profession or just a means of survival for women of all classes, ages and nationalities in a world designed by and for men? Learn about the courtesans who made it big and those who ended their days in the gutter. From French Letters to Monsieur Gonorrhea you are sure to enjoy an hour with this naughty lady!

All talks are available on zoom and are presented in full Victorian costume live from Mildred's parlour!

Evening Zoom talks are £80 for an hours talk with additional time given at the end for a Q and A session. Day time rates vary.


"Mildred is worth every penny! We (The Riverport WI) have had Mildred with us twice, most recently her new Licentious Ladies talk last night. Another saucy stunner! I've already had a message from a member to ask if we can book her again for next year. Mildred helped us achieve our biggest meeting turnout since pre-covid, helping to bring in quite a few potential new members. Thanks again!"

"Oh Mildred! Perfectly costumed, she imparts information while able to make you laugh, or shiver in your seat. A great singing voice too. A multi- talented lady."

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About Milly Lawson

With a passion for sharing history through story telling, songs and comedy Mildred Freeman was a character created by Milly Lawson whilst working at one of the last remaining music halls in the UK. With a background in heritage, education and as a professional cellist and performer, Milly researches, creates and delivers her history talks in an entertaining, insightful and (sometimes) very dramatic fashion.

Milly lives in Long Eaton, Nottingham with her loving husband (Mr Butler) and her young sons Ezra (the young squire) and Gideon (the young master). In her free time Milly can usually be found watching costume dramas whilst knitting and sipping hot coffee (or gin, depending on the time of the day).

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