In the wake of the Mayflower - from an East Anglian perspective

Cathy Shelbourne

East of England
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23rd January 2020
Mayflower | Suffolk | Maritime History

Where was The Mayflower built? Where did the passengers come from? Are you one of their descendants? Prepare to have your preconceptions challenged!

Complimentary copy of A Guide to Harwich (including information on connections with The Mayflower and activities during Mayflower 400) for each audience member.

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About Cathy Shelbourne

My maritime heroes, ships and pirates are my passion! As I travel the world giving talks on cruise ships, I research the ports and places we visit for more information on, and photos relating to, the naval heroes, explorers, circumnavigators, pirates and privateers sailing the world up to five centuries ago.

I'm an experienced speaker, member of Toastmasters International, and frequent finalist in speech contests. I also belong to the Society for Nautical Research, and the Yachting Journalists' Association.

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