Food, Glorious Food!

Cathy Shelbourne

Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex
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22nd July 2024

As we chomp our way through gargantuan breakfasts, lovely lunches, tasty teas and delicious dinners, spare a thought for where our food originated from and how it reached us.

The seafarers and circumnavigators discovering new lands brought back unknown and exotic foodstuffs – such as chocolate, pineapples, and bananas from central America, and oranges from Madeira – which not only extended our language but also had a huge influence on our palates (and our waistlines?).

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About Cathy Shelbourne

My maritime heroes, ships and pirates are my passion! As I travel the world giving talks on cruise ships, I research the ports and places we visit for more information on, and photos relating to, the naval heroes, explorers, circumnavigators, pirates and privateers sailing the world up to five centuries ago.

I'm an experienced speaker, member of Toastmasters International, and frequent finalist in speech contests. I also belong to the Society for Nautical Research, and the Yachting Journalists' Association; and am Editor of the Ipswich Maritime Trust's magazine.

During lockdown, I produced a pack of Monumental Maritime Heroes playing cards. Each card is superbly designed by artist Andrew Oliver, and features a photo or image of the hero and/or monument - with a brief summary of their career. This is supplemented by an information leaflet and timeline. Available in a presentation box from

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