Crime in Langley Mill, 1891 - 1930

Robert Mee

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Emergency (maybe less than one week's notice)
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3rd July 2019
Crime | Police | Derbyshire | Nottinghamshire

A detailed examination of the type of crimes recorded by the police in this heavily industrialised village over a forty year period. Okay, so you may not be interested in Langley Mill itself. But the talk also offers an interpretation of the changes in the patterns of recorded crime, which is applicable to any community during this period.

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Robert Mee can present a number of illustrated talks for your group.

  • Robert is a qualified trainer and is on the Derbyshire Directory Speakers List;
  • he holds an M.A. in English Local History from the University of Leicester (2014);
  • has conducted several research projects based around the Heanor area and along the Derbyshire / Nottinghamshire border;
  • writes for local magazines and newsletters, as well as managing the website for the Heanor & District Local History Society; and
  • has written two books on the Heanor/Langley Mill area.

Although Robert has an academic background, his talks are firmly aimed at a non-academic audience. And many of his talks cover a much wider geographic area than his main interests suggest.

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