Thefts, Fakes and Forgeries: the Greatest Art Crimes

Ann Marie Michel

North West
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14th February 2019
Art | Crime | History | Culture

This richly illustrated and entertaining talk gives an overview of some of the most sensational art crimes, from the Renaissance to modern times. Art is in some ways particularly vulnerable to thieves, fakes and fraudsters - it’s portable, it’s sometimes astronomically valuable, and most people have little or no experience of it, so they don’t know how to tell if it’s fake. Over 45 minutes, this talk gives an insight into the motives and methods of art crime.

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About Ann Marie Michel

I am an American journalist based in the North West for the last 15 years. I have written extensively on art themes for radio documentaries and the New York-based art magazine ARTnews, and now speak regularly to such groups as the WI, Mother's Union, Probus, Masonic Lodges, U3A and various other community leisure groups. I have a colourful background including years of broadcasting in the Netherlands and Switzerland, so I am a professional and engaging speaker. I have travelled extensively for my work and am multi-lingual. I have also worked as writer-in-residence at HMP Lancaster Castle (it closed as a prison in 2011) and I am now part of the Regional Heritage Centre at Lancaster University.

I live in the beautiful Lune Valley village of Wray and travel within approximately one hour radius for speaking engagements. Please contact me to discuss your needs - you won't be disappointed.

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