The Seed of Kings - Tracing the Bloodline of the British Monarchy.

Mike Ogden

East Midlands
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Paid: £40 + travel from Worksop
24th March 2019
History | Royalty

Trace the ancestry of the British monarchy from King Alfred the Great to Queen Elizabeth II in this fascinating illustrated talk by Mike Ogden.

Learn how King Alfred's seed has passed down the generations to the modern royal family. Follow its sometimes-tortuous route as it travels outside England, passing through Flanders, Normandy, Scotland and Germany.

You will encounter many kings and queens in this talk, but you will not always follow the crown as it passes peacefully, or violently, from one head to another. Indeed the talk will lead you around familiar periods of history like the Wars of the Roses and the Tudor and Stuart dynasties. They are incidental to this story, for they were times when seed and crown parted company for whole centuries, before coming together again.

To know how the present royal family are linked to their ancient ancestors you must follow THE BLOODLINE

This one-hour talk is available in the North Nottinghamshire, North Derbyshire and South Yorkshire areas for a fee of £40 + travel cost. To ask about a venue and date please phone Mike Ogden on 07741 777768, or email


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About Mike Ogden

Mike Ogden is a retired town planner. He lived on a narrowboat for many years, and cruised the inland waterway system extensively. His talks on various subjects are well researched, entertainingly presented and very well received.

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