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South East
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Katrina van Grouw, author of 'The Unfeathered Bird' and 'Unnatural Selection' (both published by Princeton University Press), inhabits that no-man’s land slap bang between art and science. She holds degrees in fine art and natural history illustration, and is a former curator of ornithological collections at the British Natural History Museum. She’s a self-taught scientist with a passion for evolutionary biology and its history. After a long and varied career on both sides of the art/science divide she now devotes her time exclusively to her illustrated natural science books which, for her, “tick all creative and intellectual boxes.”

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Nature 'From Art to Zoology: A Story of Evolution'
Katrina van Grouw Tagged: Birds | Art | Books Writing
South East
Nature 'Unnatural Selection: Evolution at the hand of man'
Katrina van Grouw Tagged: Evolution | Art | Animals
South East