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Trained as a botanist & ecologist, I am fascinated by the natural world in all its forms. I have previously worked in a botanical garden, and in a national charity conserving the wonderful diversity of cultivated plants in the UK, from rare vegetable varieties to 18th century carnations.

I now work freelance as horticultural advisor, ecological surveyor, botanical tour leader (Europe and Asia) and writer.

I have given talks to a wide range of audiences, from gardening clubs, professional landscapers, to MSc students or government staff. I am always happy to adapt the length and the content of my talks to your needs.

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Nature Plant hunting in the 21st century
Sophie Leguil Tagged: Horticulture | Plant Hunting | Gardening History | Botany
Hobbies Variegated plants: biological curiosities for garden interest
Sophie Leguil Tagged: Gardening | Plants | Botany | Horticulture
Nature The fascinating world of pollens
Sophie Leguil Tagged: Nature | Plants | Science | Gardening
Hobbies Plant names keep changing – what should we do with taxonomists?
Sophie Leguil Tagged: Horticulture | Gardening | Plants | Science
Hobbies Insects in the garden: friends or foes
Sophie Leguil Tagged: Insects | Gardening | Horticulture | Science
Hobbies Using DNA to identify plants
Sophie Leguil Tagged: Genetics | Plants | Gardening | Science
Hobbies The Tien Shan mountains of Southern Kazakhstan and their alpine flora
Sophie Leguil Tagged: Central Asia | Plants | Travel | Mountains