Variegated plants: biological curiosities for garden interest

Sophie Leguil

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12th September 2019
Gardening | Plants | Botany | Horticulture

As gardeners, we all have a love/hate relationship with variegated plants. Colourful and bringing interest to the garden, they can often be considered as sickly or garish. In this talk, I showcase a diversity of variegated plants, dwelve into the science of variegation and explain how variegated plants can make wonderful addition to any garden.

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About Sophie Leguil

Trained as a botanist & ecologist, I am fascinated by the natural world in all its forms. I have previously worked in a botanical garden, and in a national charity conserving the wonderful diversity of cultivated plants in the UK, from rare vegetable varieties to 18th century carnations.

I now work freelance as horticultural advisor, ecological surveyor, botanical tour leader (Europe and Asia) and writer.

I have given talks to a wide range of audiences, from gardening clubs, professional landscapers, to MSc students or government staff. I am always happy to adapt the length and the content of my talks to your needs.

I can also give online talks, using platforms such as Zoom or Google Talks

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