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I was a lawyer for some 40 years in a past life but now retired I have been able to indulge my fascination in all aspects of Ancient History. From the Maya and Aztecs of Mexico and the wonderful civilisations of Pre-Columbian Peru, to Ancient China, India, Mesopotamia and Egypt and down to the Classical Age of Greece and Rome, all have intrigued and captivated me. I have been fortunate that in my retirement I have the opportunity of indulging my interest in these compelling subjects and expanding my experience by giving talks. Latterly I have been focussing on the cultural evolution of mankind, from the earliest times of our development down to the high civilisations of the Old World. In addition I have been studying the evolution of religion in all it's various guises in the diverse cultures throughout the Ancient World.

Set down below are some of the talks I have given and would be pleased to present to you. Should you have a another topic to do with ancient history (but not Greece or Rome) try me,

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Listed talks

History The Enigmatic Ancient Maya.
Neil Meldrum Tagged: Ancient | And Archaeology | History Culture | Mexico
South West
History The Puzzling Aztecs of Mexico.
Neil Meldrum Tagged: Ancient | Anthropological | History Culture | Mexico
South West
History The Wonders of Ancient Peru.
Neil Meldrum Tagged: Anthropological | Peru | History Culture | Ancient
South West
History Eternal Ancient China.
Neil Meldrum Tagged: Ancient | Anthropological | China | History
South West
History Idiosyncratic Ancient India.
Neil Meldrum Tagged: Anthropological | History Culture | India | Ancient
South West
History The Egyptain Old Kingdom.
Neil Meldrum Tagged: Archaeology | Anthropological | Ancient | History Culture
South West
History The Origins of Civilisation.
Neil Meldrum Tagged: Ancient | Archaeology | History | Anthropological
South West
History The Axial Age.
Neil Meldrum Tagged: Culture | History | Philosophy | Religion
South West
History Early Beliefs, Religion or Superstition.
Neil Meldrum Tagged: History; | Religion | Superstitions | Anthropological
South West