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My Talks are about China. Firstly the story of my Yorkshire born great grandfather George Piercy a Wesleyan Missionary 1850-1913. He founded the first Wesleyan Methodist Mission in Canton China. I have many slides from his time in Canton and family photographs. George devoted at least 60 years to the Chinese both in Canton and in London and so there is much to describe. where he is still revered in spite of the passing years. I also illustrate my talk with items George Piercy brought back with him from China and kept within the family, these include a beautiful embroidered Mandarin’s jacket.

I am also giving a Talk on my Great-Grandmother also from Yorkshire who at 17 fell in love with George. She started a school for girls in Canton, which was very unusual at that time. Also the story of her assistant Mary Gunson, who selflessly gave her life for the Chinese, dying at the early age of 22. Life was short as disease was rife and I give a picture of how It was for Victorian women working in such conditions.

My third Talk is on The Silk Road. With my husband we were fortunate to travel 3000 miles across Central Asia last year. It was such a wonderful experience, that I have compiled a number of slides to illustrate the beauty of places such as Samarkand and Bukhara.

I am retired and have been interested for some time in the history of my family including self publishing a biography of George Piercy. I am a churchwarden at my local church and we have lived near York for over 25 years. I have three children and two grandchildren in Australia as my son works as a lawyer there. My other son is married and lives near Liverpool and my daughter lives in Bournemouth.

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