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East Midlands
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professional wildlife photographer

Barbara Meyer is a wildlife photographer, who dedicates her photography to help endangered big cat species in their fight for survival. In this sense she has provided talks on big cats and wildlife conservation for over 9 years.

Through her support of big cat conservation groups and work with zoos and wildlife parks as well as through research for publications like articles and booklets Barbara has gained a good understanding about big cat species and an insight into the conservation work that is done to prevent their extinction.

While dedicating her photography to big cats Barbara has however realised that problems like poaching, habitat loss and the lack of food do not only affect big cats, but also the wildlife here in Britain. In consideration of this, Barbara started a trail camera project to obtain images and video footage of the wildlife in the wider Sherwood Forest area for her talks 5 years ago. Her trail cameras are still out in the woodlands, gaining information on our native (and introduced) wildlife, and trying to help raising awareness for the wildlife around us.

Based on this, the range of talk topics has expanded and includes also a talk based on a mixture of photography and trail camera footage from Barbara's work in the wider Sherwood Forest area. And it does not end here, new talks that have and respectively are in the process to be added to Barbara's programme of talks are 'The Stories Behind The Photos' and 'Seals Along The Lincolnshire and Norfolk Coast'.

Barbara provides talks across all counties in the East Midlands as well as in Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and South Yorkshire, and she may also be available at short notice if another speaker has to cancel his/her engagement or need to reschedule.

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East Midlands
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