A Naval Officer's Diary: (2) HMS Agincourt 1914-15

Peter Covey-Crump

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14th November 2020
Great War | WW1 | Royal Navy

Leslie Ayre, an Assistant Paymaster, helped to commission the former Turkish 14-gun dreadnought before joining the Grand Fleet in Scapa Flow. The diary describes the frustration of failing to entice the German High Seas Fleet out into action in the North Sea.

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About Peter Covey-Crump

I am a retired Civil Servant living in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. My historical talks are based on research into family history and are illustrated with original documents. I am a keen photographer and this has inspired my travel talks.

I am prepared to visit group within 50 miles of Cheltenham (once this is possible). Meanwhile I can give talks anywhere on Zoom.

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