Memento Mori - the factual and fun side of Victorian death

Wayne Newport

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Professional Actor, Presenter, Emcee and Speaker
11th February 2024

Birth and death are the only certainties for all humans. What makes us and our ancestors so fascinated by death?

The Victorians loved a good funeral and in this talk we'll discover the origins, the traditions and the fashions connected with Victorian death, before taking a light-hearted look at some of the superstitions and bizarre stories connected with this fascinating subject.

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About Wayne Newport

Hey! Thanks for dropping by...

My name is Wayne and I'm a professional Actor. Presenter, Emcee and Speaker.

I've been an actor for 30+ years - predominantly on stage, but I've also done my share of TV, Film and Commercials. I've also written, directed and produced several shows for myself and other theatre companies.

I love everything "theatre", but my biggest passion is Pantomime. My first memory was being taken to my local theatre by my Grandfather at the age of 4 to see a production of Cinderella - from that moment I was hooked. Over the years I've played roles from Ali Baba and Idle Jack (in my younger days) to Villains and Dames most recently. Favourite roles to date have been King Rat in Dick Whittington and Ugly Sister in Cinderella - both of which I've played multiple times.

My excitement for all things Theatre has spread and woven itself into my affection for history, so I'm now able to offer a series of talks based on my knowledge and research.

Thank you for reading my profile, I hope that we may meet at some point in the future...

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