An Audience With C.S. Lewis

Jonathan Jones

South East
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Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
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11th May 2024

The first of the Narnia Chronicles, 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe' was first published in 1950, when C.S. Lewis was fifty-two years of age. The remaining six volumes appeared at yearly intervals thereafter. And yet - C.S.Lewis was a household name, both in Britain and the United States of America, a decade before that first volume appeared, and had been featured on the front page of the 'Times Magazine' in 1947.

C.S. Lewis - or Jack Lewis as he was known to his friends and family - will inform the audience of his life and his rise to fame before Narnia - including his early childhood, his education and entrance to Oxford University, his experiences in the trenches of WWI, his poetry, his role as a the foremost Christian Apologist of his time, the publication of ‘The Screwtape Letters’, his Space Trilogy, his friendship with JRR Tolkein and his conversion to Christianity. This will be interspersed with readings of his prose and poetry.

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About Jonathan Jones

Have been giving talks and performances since I took early retirement in 2010 after a career mainly in IT. I have now delivered over 1,000 talks/performances.

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