From Partition to Protocol: the history of Northern Ireland – Part I: Union to Home Rule Crisis

Stephen Goss

South East
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Professional historian
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7th October 2023

Northern Ireland was the sticking point over a negotiated deal to leave the EU. Teresa May’s government was dependent on the support of the Democratic Unionist Party – who objected to and helped bring down her exit deal.

This talk and its second part explain why there is a ‘Northern Ireland’, its history, and why it has been such a bone of contention for London and Brussels as the UK has attempted to untangle itself from the EU.

To say the history of Northern Ireland is complicated would be an understatement. It has proved impossible to fully cover it in a one-hour long talk, and so Part I deals with the Acts of Union between Ireland and Great Britain, the political developments producing Catholic nationalists and Protestant unionists, Ulster’s economic boom as a result of the Industrial Revolution, and the civil war waiting to happen on the eve of the First World War.

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About Stephen Goss

An academic historian published in peer-review journals who has been a popular speaker in local historical societies and community groups for a decade.

With me you get history based on the highest standard of research and analysis - presented in an engaging, witty and enjoyable way. I tailor my talks to suit your audience; I guarantee you will be fascinated with the insights and hear humorous anecdotes which will stay with you.

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