The war that no one wanted: the origins of the First World War

Stephen Goss

South East
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Professional historian
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22nd June 2022
19Th Century | 20Th Century | War | World War 1

We have recently marked the centenary of the outbreak and conclusion of one of the most shattering conflicts of the Twentieth Century.

This talk/course outlines the international developments that resulted in the First World War. It will cover the unification of both Italy and Germany, the domestic situations in the great powers and key European players, the impact of empire-building and the situation in the Balkans. The intricacies of international relations in the period are outlined to provide an understanding of why Europe was plunged into such a devastating war. Weaving these considerations together, it will put the First World War in context and explain why a dispute in south-eastern Europe was so quickly transformed into a fight to the death for the Continent’s great empires and powers.

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