It's Not What You Say

Alan Jones

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Life Skills
19th October 2017
Communication | History | Learning | Talks

Ever wondered why you are attracted to some people and want to avoid others? It’s not based on the way they speak or even what they say, most people make up their mind about you in just 90 seconds and it can take a lot longer to change that decision. Discover the silent and subtle way that our Body Language speaks louder than words when we communicate with each other yet we rarely even notice it.

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About Alan Jones

I have had the good fortune to enjoy several very different careers. I trained as a State Registered Nurse then moved across to Complimentary Health and trained as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. Later I changed career completely and joined the BBC as a Journalist, Presenter and programme Producer. I returned to hypnotherapy in 2004 and now have two busy therapy practices in London and Hampshire. I have always enjoyed meeting and speaking to members of clubs, societies and large companies, I offer a range of unusual topics that are entertaining and educational. On average I speak about 6-8 times per month and have booking up to 2 years ahead. I always offer last minute bookings opportunities when a scheduled speaker has to cancel at short notice.

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