An Introduction to British Sign Language (BSL)

Lindsey Barrell

East of England
Notice Period:
Emergency (maybe less than one week's notice)
WI and Inspirational, U3A, Schools
Paid: £50
Life Skills
24th June 2021

An interactive introduction to British Sign Language (BSL) with factoids, tips and practical guidance and support. Lindsey will take you through the BSL alphabet and the basics to start you off on a communication journey you will enjoy. BSL alphabet sheets will be provided prior to the talk.

Available remotely and also face to face (dependant on location), this is an excellent talk that has been receiving great feedback and has prompted some big organisations to book it for their entire workforce!

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About Lindsey Barrell

Refreshingly funny, a little bit quirky, confident and knowledgeable, Lindsey Barrell has a wealth of knowledge to share from her lived experience of teaching Burlesque to the WI (Women's Institute) and from her work in well-being and sensory. Mindfulness Teacher, Reiki and NLP Practitioner and Dance and Life Coach Lindsey is a confident and humorous speaker who has been described as 'speaking from the heart' and 'the best speaker we have ever had!'

Whether it be a Mindfulness talk and demonstration, British Sign Language or 'Burlesque, Me and the WI' Lindsey has a talk for all and will include a practical demo where appropriate.

Currently wowing people all over the UK via Zoom, Lindsey is receiving fabulous feedback from everyone she encounters.

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