An Underground Guide to 1950's London

Nick Dobson

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Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
Paid: 50 plus travel
13th April 2020
History; | London

Take the Time Tube Train back to London of the 1950's and discover a decade during which wartime austerity gave way to growing optimism. This fully illustrated talk will reveal a City quite different from today's London, but a City more vibrant and colourful in the '50's than we might think.

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About Nick Dobson

Nick Dobson is a former professional Librarian. I have over 80 talks on a wide range of subjects from Shakespeare and Dickens to horticulture and from the First World War to Gilbert & Sullivan with most subjects in between! I speak to groups of all kinds, to schools and for Library services. I am willing to travel throughout London, Essex, Hertfordshire and parts of Kent, Surrey and East Anglia. I will consider longer journeys on request. My talks are entertaining and informative and are not expensive.

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