Living in a nightmare

Zoe Burnett

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10th February 2020
Ptsd | Mental Health | Surviving | Flashbacks

What is it like reliving your trauma everyday. Every time you close your eyes, you awake promptly after a nightmare, everyday you are triggered and have a flashback, screaming in the middle of the street. PTSD is my living nightmare. But how do I manage it, and what do I do to ease the pain of the traumatic events which led to my PTSD. How do you cope. I explain my life, living with PTSD, what triggers me and how I cope in the moment and also how I can self sooth afterwards. I explain how vivid my dreams are and also the effect it has had on my personal relationships. It is manageable and there is hope.

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About Zoe Burnett

Heartfelt and candid, Zoe Burnett is a playful, warmhearted and compassionate speaker, a creative graduate with broad experience of teaching across a wide demographic, including children and adults. With first-hand, lived experience of conquering eating disorders, PTSD, anxiety and depression, a suicide survivor, Zoe believes ‘life is more than self-hatred and celery sticks’. A strong advocate of ‘Set Point Theory’, Zoe inspires us with empathy, to rebel against social norms, ‘ditch the diet’ and embrace the notion of body acceptance.

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