Behind the mask

Zoe Burnett

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10th February 2020
Suicide Prevention | Mental Health | Domestic Abuse/violence | Surviving

Suicide survivor, I wear my heart on my sleeve and speak very open and honestly about childhood traumas, constant bullying, being a victim of sexual abuse, twice, surviving an abusive relationship, having horrendous PTSD and eating disorders, and the events and other existing factors that led me to trying to take my own life. No one believed I tried to take my own life as I wear a mask, my mask protects me. I am the life and soul of every party, full of joy and will do anything to make others smile. How did I hide my pain, my suffering with all those closest to me. How did I fool everyone, and what happened when my mask started to slip. What I do now when I feel lost, in those times of crisis. How do I cope. I go into detail about what works for me, in particular playing music.

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About Zoe Burnett

Heartfelt and candid, Zoe Burnett is a playful, warmhearted and compassionate speaker, a creative graduate with broad experience of teaching across a wide demographic, including children and adults. With first-hand, lived experience of conquering eating disorders, PTSD, anxiety and depression, a suicide survivor, Zoe believes ‘life is more than self-hatred and celery sticks’. A strong advocate of ‘Set Point Theory’, Zoe inspires us with empathy, to rebel against social norms, ‘ditch the diet’ and embrace the notion of body acceptance.

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