Healthy weight unhealthy mind.

Zoe Burnett

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10th February 2020
Eating Disorders | Atypical Anorexia | Set Point Theory | Mental Health

I have struggled with atypical anorexia for 14 years. Which is over half my life. Too afraid to fuel my body, excessive exercising severe restricting and laxative abuse. My weight loss was considered admirable by others. No one knew I was suffering. My resting heart rate was dropping, I was weak, existing not living. I went to my GP as I was struggling to stay conscious and I was told I was too fat to have an eating disorder and to just drink a can of coke to stop me from collapsing. This advice nearly killed me. I may have been a healthy weight, but my mind was not healthy, Luckily I was able to access treatment through BEAT. I was introduced to set point theory and started embracing my good qualities instead of being consumed by numbers which actually aided my recovery. Set point theory is your pre determined genetic weight. Just like our height and temperature, our bodies are destined to be a certain size. I went into detail about set point theory and explained the science to why diets do not work. I am sick of being judged on numbers. the number on the scale the number on my jeans. no. I say no more. I refuse to be judged on numbers. I am not a number! I am a human. life is to short for self hatred and celery sticks. let's start counting memories not calories!

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About Zoe Burnett

Heartfelt and candid, Zoe Burnett is a playful, warmhearted and compassionate speaker, a creative graduate with broad experience of teaching across a wide demographic, including children and adults. With first-hand, lived experience of conquering eating disorders, PTSD, anxiety and depression, a suicide survivor, Zoe believes ‘life is more than self-hatred and celery sticks’. A strong advocate of ‘Set Point Theory’, Zoe inspires us with empathy, to rebel against social norms, ‘ditch the diet’ and embrace the notion of body acceptance.

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