The Most Heroic Failure of Modern Times - Shackleton's Antarctic

Jeremy Holmes

South East
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23rd October 2019
Leadership | Antarctica | Teambuilding | British History

When Ernest Shackleton set off to cross the Antarctic for the first time in 1914 he was already a celebrated explorer, but his ship quickly got trapped and then crushed in the ice. He and his crew camped for weeks on an ice floe with only rudimentary supplies, until he decided to sail a lifeboat 800 miles to South Georgia – a feat never before attempted. Arriving exhausted they had to climb a mountain range before eventually finding a remote whaling station and ultimately returning to rescue their comrades.

Shackleton’s leadership became the stuff of legend; this talk explains why.

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About Jeremy Holmes

Following a decade in the advertising industry (mostly working for Ogilvy & Mather), I ran an international economics consultancy before becoming CEO of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and then taking a senior position in Higher Education. Now semi-retired, I'm a trustee of various charities including the Aylesbury Food Bank, which benefit from some of my speaking engagements.

I was also a trustee of the Carnegie UK Trust (hence my interest in the steel magnate), and in my youth I took a Double First in English Literature at Oxford (hence my interest in John Donne).

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