Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know: Lord Byron and his Women

Jeremy Holmes

South East
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19th November 2023

Lord Byron wasn’t just a poet, he was a rock star. The most prominent and outrageous celebrity of the Romantic era, he lived life to excess – but his relations with women were scandalous and often appalling.

This talk explores those relationships in the context of the social conventions of the time, Byron's extraordinary rise to fame and legend, and his unparalleled notoriety for drink, sex and rebellion.

The speaker was an English scholar at Oxford who has spoken to numerous literary and non-literary audiences.

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About Jeremy Holmes

Many years ago I went from a grammar school to Oxford where I won a Scholarship and took a Double First in English Literature. I then spent a decade in the advertising industry (mostly working for Ogilvy & Mather) and ran an international economics consultancy, before becoming CEO of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. I subsequently had a senior position in UK Higher Education.

Now semi-retired, I'm a trustee of various charities which benefit from some of my speaking engagements. I was also a trustee and Programme Chair of the Carnegie UK Trust for many years.

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