1940 - Battle of Britain - a close run thing

Christopher Leworthy

South East
Notice Period:
Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
Hobby and interest, but professionally delivered
9th October 2019
Military History | Battle Of Britain | Ww2 | World War 2

The talk will cover:

  • the political background
  • the key personalities
  • the Dowding Interception system and its key role
  • the start of the battle
  • the four stages of the battle
  • September 15th - objectives, the two major raids, the outcome
  • conclusions
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About Christopher Leworthy

After retiring I decided to indulge my interest in military history! I now lecture on the Battle of Britain each week, to varied audiences, ranging from the serious student, to the somewhat interested, and to those with very limited knowledge indeed. Feedback has been very complimentary. The lectures last for around 40 minutes plus time for questions, although this can be entirely flexible if required.

The talks are designed to be interesting and fast moving, with enough detail to satisfy all. A number of relevant anecdotes bring the story to life and grip the audience who are left in no doubt as to the Battle’s importance and no doubt as to the supreme effort made to deliver success.

I am happy to answer any questions about whether and how these talks, about a vital period in our history, might be tailor made for any possible audience.

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