To a Mountain in Tibet

Geoffrey Saunders

South East
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11th June 2019
Adventure Travel | Railways | China

Travelling overland through China in 2002, I learned of the construction of the railway to Lhasa and determined that I would take that train. Construction delays and political upheavals prevented that me making that journey until 2014. The mountain in question is, of course, Everest a must see on any journey to Tibet. Though the railway does not itself go there, journey from Nepal took in the North base camp, and continued to Lhasa where I boarded the train. Two days later, having crossed the highest railway pass in the world, I arrived at Chengdu, with its Giant Pandas, continuing by train through southern China to Hong Kong. Again, history, geography, nature and politics feature in the talk.

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About Geoffrey Saunders

I have travelled widely, for business and pleasure and have worked on all the continents. Now retired, I have used the experiences of my travels to write and to publish about the wonders of the world, far and near. More than just travelogues, my talks aim to inform, entertain and enthuse. All the groups I have talked to have enjoyed my presentation and most have invited me back straight away.

All the income from my talks goes to the 'Sightsavers' charity

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