Europe in space.

Geoffrey Saunders

South East
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11th June 2019
Space | Science

The European Space Agency must be one of the best kept secrets in the UK! Nothing to do with the EU, countries of Europe have been co-operating on space science for 50 years and have achieved some spectacular successes. And quite a number of modest missions that we rely on for communication, weather and environmental monitoring. We are major contributors to the International Space Station. Europe has its own Space Port, at Kourou in South America from where European and Russian rockets regularly leave to deploy satellites, planetary missions and to re-supply the Space Station. The talk will concentrate on some of Europe's space missions, past, present and future with video and animation to illustrate our achievements.

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About Geoffrey Saunders

I have travelled widely, for business and pleasure and have worked on all the continents. Now retired, I have used the experiences of my travels to write and to publish about the wonders of the world, far and near. More than just travelogues, my talks aim to inform, entertain and enthuse. All the groups I have talked to have enjoyed my presentation and most have invited me back straight away.

All the income from my talks goes to the 'Sightsavers' charity

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