Reports from Coastal Stations

Geoffrey Saunders

South East
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11th June 2019
Weather | Radio | Travel | History

Visits to the places mentioned on the BBC shipping forecast. Everyone loves the Shipping forecast, and the weather recorded at the Coastal Stations is a vital input to it. But just how do you get there? And what do you find there, and on the way? The talk encompasses the Forecast, the journeys, people and remote places, and some of the fascinating connections wrapped up with these romantically named Coastal Stations. The visits were the thread from which to weave a net drawing in friends and family, history and science, travels by train, ferry and tall-ship, near and far. Some unexpected characters make an appearance, e.g. Fletcher Christian, Robert Fitzroy and Charles Darwin. The resulting book was featured on Radio 4, where I was interviewed on Excess Baggage

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About Geoffrey Saunders

I have travelled widely, for business and pleasure and have worked on all the continents. Now retired, I have used the experiences of my travels to write and to publish about the wonders of the world, far and near. More than just travelogues, my talks aim to inform, entertain and enthuse. All the groups I have talked to have enjoyed my presentation and most have invited me back straight away.

All the income from my talks goes to the 'Sightsavers' charity

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