Meet the Parasites: the Life that lives on - and in - Mankind

Mrs Frances Raftery SpeakerNet Sponsor

North West
Notice Period:
Emergency (maybe less than one week's notice)
Paid: £50 to include expenses
15th March 2019

This presentation, containing 40+ pictures, might result in the audience going home scratching and having a sleepless night! What an array of awful creatures we can attract - all of them out to devour some part of us. Thank goodness for flea powder! An hour of an eye-opening, eye-watering parasitic invasion.... and those found inside us are even worse......

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About Mrs Frances Raftery

I'm a retired (Science) teacher with a passion for History. I started talks after retirement, found I enjoyed it. Word got around from those who had heard my presentations and I often have repeat bookings.

Many of my talks are accompanied by items I bring for illustration . In addition, I always bring projector, laptop (and screen if required). Illustrated talks last about one hour.

I enjoy meeting people - whether it is WI, TG, Probus, church groups or others and welcome input during talks - people often have interesting anecdotes of their own to share.

I'm prepared to travel - about a 20 mile radius from my home in Atherton M46. My aim is to provide a good morning, afternoon or evening for my audience to make their outing worthwhile.

I talk on about a dozen different topics and will be glad to send (by email) information on all of them to interested enquirers.

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