Becoming a Writer

Helen Stockton

South East
Notice Period:
Emergency (maybe less than one week's notice)
Paid: £75 including expenses if under an hour's travel
14th March 2019
Author | Books Writing | Light-Hearted

My first publication success, as a child, began a life-long obsession with the written word that has led me into the intriguing corners of national and regional magazines and newspapers, and books both main stream and self-published. ‘Becoming a Writer’ is a light-hearted, fun talk about that process, what inspires me, and my on-going journey into publication and beyond.

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About Helen Stockton

I am a freelance writer, best known for writing as my dog, an idiosyncratic, elderly and badly behaved Border Terrier. He has his own blog, magazine column, Twitter and Facebook accounts, together with two books written in his own voice. I have a second dog, also a Border Terrier, who is finding his way as a literary apprentice. I am a speaker, included by West Kent and East Sussex WIs, in their speakers' directories, and offer a range of talks about writing and animal writing, although the most popular is 'Rolo the Border Terrier, a Literary Dog'! I am a eloquent, engaging and entertaining speaker, happy delivering to small or large groups, by advanced pre-booking, or a relatively short notice subject to availibility. Check out my website for details of my talks and testimonials.

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