Death in Disguise

Gary Powell

East of England
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13th May 2019
Victorian | Crime | Murder

When an eighty-five-year-old former man of the church and his housekeeper are brutally murdered in 1870 the relatively new Detective Branch from Scotland Yard are tasked with the investigation. In a case that has twists and turns resulting in the arrest of an unlikely suspect who has gone to great lengths to disguise his actions, the trial takes place at the Old Bailey. In a detailed re-construction of the circumstances leading to this horrible crime the audience will be invited to sit as the jury. If you find him innocent a possible murderer will walk free from the court, if you find him guilty he will hang.

A quite extraordinary story that will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

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About Gary Powell

I am a retired detective, having served in the police for thirty-three years, mainly involved in crime investigation from murder to terrorism. I have a passion for history particularly in the field of true crime. I am a published author with four books to my name: Square London: A Social History of the Squares of London, Death in Disguise: The Amazing True Story of the Chelsea Murders, Death Diary: A Year of London Murder, Execution, Terrorism and Treason, and Convicted: Landmark Cases in British Criminal History. I am also a guide at St Paul's Cathedral I have presented talks to many organisations including W.I, U3a, Probus with audiences ranging from 20 to 200. I am very enthusiastic about the subjects on which I talk which I relay to an audience with humour and encourage audience participation.

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