A Coppers Guide to the Dark Secrets of London's Squares

Gary Powell

East of England
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13th May 2019
Crime | Murder

The iconic London square is much-loved by Londoners and visitors alike. However unsavoury residents and shocking incidents add a colourful tone to their history. Learn a little of the origins of the London square but a lot about those – good and evil – who left their mark not only on this great city’ but a nations dark history; murder, mayhem, innovation and terrorism feature.

The demise of Peter Pan, The last person to be hanged for the murder of a police officer in Britain, a peer of the realm with a very dark secret and many more stories, including anecdotes from the speaker's life as a detective, that will shock and entertain.

'Well delivered', 'brilliant', 'humorous', 'entertaining', 'interesting subject', 'would enjoy a return'. U3a Haverhill March 2019

'...we all thoroughly enjoyed your talk and hope that you will come again...'- The Coggeshall Society May 2019

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About Gary Powell

I am a retired detective, having served in the police for thirty-three years, mainly involved in crime investigation from murder to terrorism. I have a passion for history particularly in the field of true crime. I am a published author with four books to my name: Square London: A Social History of the Squares of London, Death in Disguise: The Amazing True Story of the Chelsea Murders, Death Diary: A Year of London Murder, Execution, Terrorism and Treason, and Convicted: Landmark Cases in British Criminal History. I am also a guide at St Paul's Cathedral I have presented talks to many organisations including W.I, U3a, Probus with audiences ranging from 20 to 200. I am very enthusiastic about the subjects on which I talk which I relay to an audience with humour and encourage audience participation.

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