People and Plants: Molecules, Medicines and Mischief

Gwenda Kyd

East of England
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20th December 2017
Plants | Herbalism | Medicines | Murder

The uses and misuses of a selection of well-known and less well-known plants.

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About Gwenda Kyd

I am a scientist and complementary medicine practitioner. My main interests are in plants and how we can use them. I love learning about new plants and sharing the stories I have found in my talks, blogs or books.

I co-devised the Chemicals from Plants Trail at Cambridge University Botanic Garden and published a book on an extended version called "Molecules, Medicine and Mischief", in 2014. I am a Bach flower remedy practitioner and in 2018 will publish my second book, The Plants of Dr Bach, on the plants used to make the remedies.

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