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East Midlands
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Sporting Charity fundraiser

I am a community pharmacist from Chesterfield who raises money for several local charities by taking part in runs, cycle events, swims and triathlons. My talks are light hearted and include my other hobby of breaking Guinness World Records. So if you want to know about running in Antarctica or the Sahara or maybe a marathon in flip flops get in touch. I also have non sporting talks on the Galápagos Islands and the Holy Land. All fees go to the Charities I support - currently MS Society, SANDS and Ashgate Hospice. Please note I am only available for evening talks.

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Sports The Antarctica Marathon
David Smith Tagged: Antarctica | Wildlife | Running
East Midlands
Sports The Sahara Marathon
David Smith Tagged:
East Midlands
Sports Breaking Records
David Smith Tagged: Comedy | Running | Humour | Guinness World Records
East Midlands
Nature The Galápagos Islands
David Smith Tagged: Darwin | Tortoise | Evolution
East Midlands
Travel The Holy Land Today
David Smith Tagged: Bethlehem | Narazeth | Jerusalem | Jordan
East Midlands
Charity 50,000 Thank you’s
David Smith Tagged: Running | Swimming | Triathlon | Fancy Dress
East Midlands