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The Bowtie Balloon Guy
South East
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Rob has a reputation as one of the leading balloon artists in the UK. Catering for people of all ages

Known as The Bowtie Balloon Guy he has become the “go-to-guy” for parties and events requiring balloon sculptures. Why “bowtie”? Because he has a passion for bowties! If you ever get the chance to see him in action, he’s sure to be sporting one of his wide collections. Building up a catalogue of unique, bespoke and original balloon models second to none, Rob has had the privilege of lecturing at various events across Europe, as well as being commissioned to create one-of-a-kind balloon models for specialist events.

His passion for creating balloon sculptures led him to complete a number of personal challenges, including “365 Days of Balloons”, where he created a new, unique model every day for a year, posting the results on social media. He also created his “Twisted Cinema” project, where he recreated famous movie posters using balloon models.

Other balloon projects include an A to Z of Endangered Species and his current project is a virtual journey around the world called "It's a Balloon World After All"

For 25+ years Rob has worked all over the world, honing his skills, twisting balloons and creating new sculptures, and has become one of the most sought after and premier performers around.

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