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My expertise is in inspiring others to overcome adversity. As the author of an autobiography: Change or Die; Abuse to Addiction to Abundance and another book: God Not Cancer I have a wealth of personal experience. I also have several degrees relating to counselling and psychotherapy, therefore integrating personal experience with my knowledge of psychology. I have taught in a number of countries around the world as well as numerous cities in the UK. Any talk I do will be bespoke to your requirements. I have enclosed the synopsis from the back of my book below to give you an idea of my lives expereinces. If you invite me to give a speech I will make sure you won't be disappointed.

This story will engage, shock and make you laugh. It begins in an impoverished environment of abuse and violence. Years of drinking eventually result in being sectioned in a psychiatric hospital. After a number of months, I escaped from this hospital and managed to continue to make a complete mess of my life. At 34 I tried to stop drinking. Silly me! I ended up in a coma on my death bed with the delirium tremors (DTs). This time I was sent to a rehabilitation unit where I was interned with alcoholics, drug addicts, criminals and murderers. They provided the love support and encouragement I needed to turn my life around. I completed several degrees, set up a successful counselling/psychotherapy business for twenty-five years and eventually travelled the world teaching etiquette. This is not just a compelling story but also imparts with the psychological insights gleaned on my journey of recovery and gives any reader who needs it hope and inspiration.

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