Stealth Aircraft- State of Art War Machines

Guy Bartlett

South East
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18th November 2017
Aviation | Aircraft | Science | Technology

Stealth aircraft are designed to avoid detection using a variety of technologies that reduce reflection/emission of radar, infrared, visible light, radio-frequency spectrum and audio, collectively known as stealth technology. Development of stealth technology probably began in Germany during World War II. Well known examples of U.S. stealth aircraft include the F-117 Nighthawk, the B-2 Spirit, the F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Lightning II. This presentation explores the technologies used to create these state-of-art machines.

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About Guy Bartlett

Who Am I?

I'm a UAV pilot and trainer. I am also an experienced public speaker whose presentations are guaranteed to add extra sparkle to your club meeting or event. I use archive film footage, technology, music, humour and a genuine enthusiasm for the topics to provide a fascinating insight into aviation-related subjects.

What Do I Do?

I use my own projector & amplifier to provide detailed but easily accessible talks about some of the most iconic aircraft ever to have flown. The talks are suitable for all ages and sexes and last between 60-90 minutes dependant on your requirements. I require a blank wall or screen to display my presentations. I live in Kent and will happily travel UK-wide.

Who Are My Talks For?

My talks are designed to be of interest to everyone whether they have an interest in aircraft or not. There are delivered in an energetic manner and I am always willing to take questions at the end. I have given presentations to numerous audiences ranging from school children, parent groups, professionals, enthusiast and older persons groups. I do not use jargon. My enthusiam for the subject is often commented upon, and I my inclusive style ensures all will learn something.

Why Choose Me?

Being a qualified teacher I am able to empathise with my audience and adjust my presentation on-the-fly to ensure it is relevant and of interest to all. My fees start from £75 per talk (plus travel expenses at 50p a mile). If required I can provide various low-cost souvenirs as mementos of the event. These include key-rings, fridge magnets and pictures.

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