A Saxon Naval Base in Chichester Harbour

Philip MacDougall

South East
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15th November 2017
1066 | Local History | Medieval | Norman Conquest

Bosham, Chidham, Southbourne and Thorney Island were all once part of a Saxon naval base in Chichester Harbour. The evidence is there and local author and historian Dr Philip MacDougall will tell the story of this important facility and reveal the exact site of the harbour in this talk. Philip, a local parish councillor in the area, has written a number of books on the subject of naval dockyards both in this country and elsewhere and will bring his expertise to the subject of this local dockyard that once served the royal fleet of King Harold.

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About Philip MacDougall

Philip MacDougall is a much published local historian who has written a number of books on subjects relating to the south of England with books published on Chichester, the Medway Towns and Portsmouth. His more specialised interest is naval dockyards and among his most recent books are detailed studies of the former royal dockyards of Portsmouth and Chatham.

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