Historical stories for children

Simon Waterfield

Historical Interpretation
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Regular (more than one month's notice)
Paid: £100 plus expenses if further than 50 miles from S E London
12th November 2017
Children | Adventure | Medieval History

There are 5 stories to entertain and thrill children and grown-ups too! Each is around 15 minutes long. They can me mixed and matched to suit

The Battle - A child exploring a castle is transported back into the C15 when the castle is under siege. Find out what its like being in a castle at war, what happens as armour is donned and what happens in a cavalry charge.

The Hunt - A child exploring a castle is transported back to the C14. Imagine being one of the lords children. What was life like in a castle, what was the food really like, what was it like to go on a hunt?

The Jouster - What is it really like being a medieval jouster? Is the food that good? What’s it like being encased in armour, what’s it really like being on a horse? Does it really hurt being hit? Are the squires as efficient as they should be?

Its a Squire’s life - Is a squires life really that good? A day in the life of a harassed squire.

The Quest - What was it really like for a squire to go on a quest with his knight? We find out what gets left out of the fables..

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About Simon Waterfield

Simon researches and writes monologues about events and people in history and performs his stories as a monologue in character in the first person. Using his experiences as re-enactor, actor, and drawing on family history, Simon has developed his monologues to illustrate how great historical events are seen from an ordinary person’s point of view. They are performed in costume of the time, and he brings items of a historical nature, to support the talk. There are a variety of characters ranging from a C7 welsh Saint to a WW1 soldier. Details, including photos and clients comments can be found on the website. www.historicalinterpretation.co.uk I am based in S E London but am willing to travel, subject to agreement on expenses. My clients include WIs, U3A, English Heritage, National Trust, museums, Historical events organisers, historic houses.

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