The Wonders of Winter

Louise Camby

South East
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10th February 2024
Winter | Seasons | Nature

The season of winter brings much joy around the festivities and celebrations of Christmas and other holidays whilst nature goes to sleep, animals hibernate and the trees conserve energy. Have you ever wondered how crackers originated or how the Robin became a symbol of Christmas or why Boxing Day is named as such? (Clue: it has nothing to do with the sport of Boxing!). Are you interested in what the weather, moons, and nature are doing during the coldest months of the year December to February? If so, I share all this in my very visual, fun, and informative talk which presents well with projector and screen.

I can provide my own AV equipment if necessary. I’m happy to deliver this talk via zoom if required.

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About Louise Camby

I’m a professional speaker, voice over artist, and Director of the family music business based around my late Grandfather Johnny Douglas who wrote the music to the 1970 film The Railway Children and much more. We have a music publishing company and record label. I'm a member of the Professional Speaking Association and enjoy sharing my topics to a variety of wonderful audiences.

I enjoy many hobbies including snooker, cycling, skiing, travelling, theatre and cinema, amateur dramatics, fine dining and socializing. A couple of years ago I started playing football and I’m enjoying the fitness and fun that comes with playing this team sport and taking part in women’s football festivals.

Contact number: 07889 304460

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