A French Love Affair Of Over 30 Years

Cherry Mullins

East of England
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1st July 2018
Humourous | International | Travel

The tale of how one woman’s love affair developed and grew, living and working in France. Told through slides and laced with stories of encounters with French men and women and her passion for everything French.

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About Cherry Mullins

Cherry Mullins is an engaging speaker who gives talks on a wide variety of topics. She loves bringing her talks to life with beautiful slides and often includes some of her poems. All of her talks are able to be delivered both in person and also as an online talk, as each one is accompanied with an interesting and colourful slide presentation.


Cherry has enjoyed a varied and diverse career from inspecting food factories and developing products in the food industry; cooking cordon bleu meals in a ski resort; re-training as a Paris guide and becoming a European Tour Manager before spending eleven years as MD running the UK arm of an American organisation. Over the past twenty years, she’s developed a portfolio career which includes all the things she enjoys doing: public speaking, training, mentoring, personal and corporate coaching, writing and tour guiding.

Cherry is happy to help out at short notice if you have been let down.

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