Napoleon's British Obsession: The Invasion of the 'Nation of Shopkeepers'

Edward Hammond

East Midlands
Paid: £50
25th March 2018
History | Napoleonic Wars | Napoleon | Military History

A talk which investigates Napoleon's plans to invade Britain, exploring the events and factors that weighed into his ultimate failure to do so successfully. In this presentation we will also look at the British responses to the invasion scare in the form of fortifications and a new wave of patriotism.

You will also get a chance to view and handle parts of a Napoleonic French infantryman's uniform!

About Edward Hammond

I am the son of the local historian and archaeologist Peter Hammond and, through my inherent love of history, I have my own series of talks that I have designed which cover a wide range of topics (with more coming in the future!). I have a particular interest and passion for the Napoleonic Wars and ancient history, with my first ever talk following the fascinating story of Hannibal Barca's conflict with the Romans.

Equipment needed: Digital projector, screen, table

All of my talks are delivered on modern and fancy PowerPoint presentations, accompanied usually with some display material for the audience to look at and experience at their leisure!

For each talk I typically charge a fee of £50 (I may charge more for groups of over 40 and also for travel expenses depending on the distance), and I aim for them to last around an hour. I am normally able to be very flexible with my time, so if you'd like me to give a talk either in the day or the evening then I am sure I can accommodate!

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