Mike Scott Rumble

South East
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20th November 2023

The Heraldry, Flags, Signs and Symbols of Her Majesty’s Reign 1952 – 2022

Visual symbolism played a very important part in the seventy year reign of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Covering events from the Festival of Britain to the Platinum Jubilee, this colourfully illustrated talk will examine the many variations of Royal symbolism, from Military uniform; the Heralds and Officers of Arms; to Coronation and Jubilee souvenirs. It will also give an insight into the role of some of the more unusual of the Queen’s servants and examine what will be changing during the reign of King Charles III.

The Speaker is Chairman of the White Lion Society (The Friends group for HM College of Arms) and has been fascinated by Heraldry, badges and graphic art for many more years than he cares to remember.

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About Mike Scott Rumble

Mike Scott Rumble worked in the public sector for 50 years, both as a Police Officer and in local government. His last post was a Head of the Parks Police Service in Kensington and Chelsea and Hammersmith & Fulham. He is currently Chairman of the White Lion Society (Friends of HM College of Arms). He is a Green Flag scheme Judge (Parks & Gardens) and Independent Person on the Standards Committee of a local District Council. He has a passionate interest in Heraldry, Police History, Airships, Uniforms, badges and memorabilia as well as being a competent artist and illustrator. He is able to provide his own projector and equipment for talks and always has an interesting tale to tell !

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